Street plan drafts for the Pirkkala and Linnainmaa tramway sections now available for viewing – comment on the plans on the alliance website

Tampere Tram’s Pirkkala–Linnainmaa alliance has published street plan drafts for the future tramway route on In addition to the tramway route, the plans demonstrate the intended locations of lanes, pedestrian and bicycle paths and plantings.

”You can comment on the street plans for Tampere on our website from 6 to 20 March.  The street plan drafts for the Pirkkala section will be published a week later, for the period from 13 to 27 March”, says Mika Arvonen, Deputy Project Manager for Tampere Tram’s Pirkkala-Linnainmaa alliance.

The street plan drafts for Tampere cover the Hatanpään valtatie section and the Nuolialantie section. The published drafts also cover the section from the Tays Kauppi campus stop to Mäentakusenkatu in the Linnainmaa branch. The plans for the west side of Lake Alasjärvi, i.e. the Ruotula golf course, will become available in April together with the related city plan.

Official street plan proposals will be prepared based on the feedback regarding the drafts.

”Publishing the draft plans serves as a complementary stage of interaction that allows us to gather feedback as comprehensively as possible and to engage in dialogue. The official street plan proposals will be prepared based on the draft plans and the feedback we receive. These will become available for viewing early in April on the City of Tampere and Municipality of Pirkkala websites as well as on bulletin boards. It is possible to file reminders regarding the street plan proposals at the city and municipal registry offices”, explains Jouni Sivenius, Head of Planning of Municipal Engineering for the City of Tampere.

The street plan drafts for Naistenmatkatie and Partola in Pirkkala will be available on the alliance’s website from 13 to 27 March. 

”The official proposals for a street plan for Naistenmatkantie will become available on the municipality’s website in April. The street plan proposal for the Partola section will become available in the summer, simultaneously with the Partola city plan. The decision-making process will take place over the summer,” adds Jouni Korhonen, Urban Development Director of Pirkkala Municipality.

Over the spring, Tampere Tram’s Pirkkala-Linnainmaa alliance will organise several public and stakeholder events where people can get acquainted with the plans, comment on them and discuss the matter with specialists. The public events in March will be held:

  • Monday, 11 March at 5–7 p.m., Koilliskeskus, presentation of the plans for the Linnainmaa branch
  • Tuesday, 12 March at 5–7 p.m., Hatanpää Upper Secondary School, presentation of the plans for Hatanpään valtatie and Nuolialantie
  • Tuesday, 19 March at 5–7 p.m., Nuolialan koulu, presentation of the plans for the Pirkkala section

More information on the events can be found on the alliance’s website.

Vihilahti bridge. Picture: Tampere Tram Pirkkala-Linnainmaa-alliance

Pirkkala and Tampere councils to make decisions in the autumn

The materials produced by Tampere Tram’s Pirkkala-Linnainmaa alliance for Tampere and Pirkkala councils’ decision-making will be completed in September. During this period, the alliance will plan the tramway and the related street, stop and traffic arrangements from the Sorin aukio stop on Hatanpään valtatie to Suuppa municipal centre in Pirkkala and from the Kauppi campus stop in the Tays area to Linnainmaa. The City of Tampere and the Municipality of Pirkkala will draw up the city plans required for the implementation of the tramway simultaneously with the development phase. The street plans for the tramway are in many places connected to other land use planning. For more information, please see the websites of Pirkkala municipality and the City of Tampere.

”The objective of the Tampere and Pirkkala municipal councils is to have the alliance’s plans and reports completed to the extent that, in October 2024, the parties can decide on initiating the construction of the tramway, the scope of the construction project and the possible implementation of the tramway in phases”, says Ville-Mikael Tuominen, Development Director of Tampere Tramway Ltd.

Information on the planning of the Pirkkala-Linnainmaa tramway available on several channels

Information on the planning of the tramway between Pirkkala and Linnainmaa is available in many channels. In addition to Tampere Tram’s Pirkkala-Linnainmaa alliance website, social media channels (Facebook, X, Instagram) provide information on the progress of the project and plans, as well as upcoming public events. 

Tampere Tram also shares information on its future plans through its own channels. The City of Tampere and the Municipality of Pirkkala provide information in their own channels on street plans and city plans, as well as on the stages of decision-making.